Bespoke tools

Your specific cutting tools: adapted and bespoke

As a manufacturer and designer of carbide cutting tools, Diager Industrie closely assesses your needs to provide you with the right solution.

We pride ourselves on being highly adaptable, responding to diverse markets and equipping a wide variety of industrial sectors with drilling, milling, and reaming tools. In this way, we can guarantee optimal cutting precision for the most demanding operations, particularly in the fields of aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering, and the energy industry.

Diager Industrie manufactures around one million tools every year, 86% of which are specific, bespoke tools. This experience and in-depth knowledge of our business means that we are comfortable working on projects of all sizes.

With our technical expertise and our keen understanding of engineering industry expectations, we can produce high-quality cutting tools that are completely bespoke. Our experts come directly to you to evaluate your needs on site. We are then able to offer all our advice and expertise to boost your productivity.

Effectively increase your productivity

Not only does Diager Industrie manufacture your bespoke cutting tools, we also fully support you in improving your efficiency. Our dedicated design office, linked to a testing platform of 135 machines, allows us to find solutions that facilitate your machining operations. We have the opportunity to invent the perfect tool for you and to test its effectiveness under real conditions to guarantee the results. We are fully committed to your success, controlling the performance and costs of our tools.


Controlled production : completely identical tools

Diager Industrie is synonymous with high precision, and rigorously applies this quest for perfection right from the start with the manufacturing of its parts.

With a focus on innovation and performance, our company has all the high-definition scanning equipment necessary to reproduce your ranges. This allows us to create exact copies of your bespoke tools, even if you want to reissue them years later. With our secure data storage, you can enjoy complete peace of mind and an unlimited supply of your specific tools. We can work on series of any quantity, depending on your requirements.

Contact us today to design your bespoke cutting tools.


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