Powerful tools for milling any material

With Diager Industrie, you always benefit from the latest technical innovations for milling any part. Our tailor-made solutions meet the most specific requirements. This makes our products suited to many industry areas, offering practical solutions in the fields of precision engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aeronautical engineering and the energy industry.

Our standard range has been developed to guarantee the best results, whether in the machining centre or on special machines, at both conventional and high speed. Our tools are therefore ideally developed for all types of operations:

  • Rough milling
  • Slot milling
  • Surface milling
  • ½ finishing
  • Finishing
  • Copy milling
  • Pocket milling
  • Helical interpolation

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Our ultra-tech range thus covers all applications. The use of ultra-fine micro-grain carbide gives a high-quality finish of the cutting edges and an extremely precise geometry.


Personalised solutions : bespoke manufactured specific tools

To meet all needs efficiently, we also make completely bespoke cutting tools. Our experts come directly to you to assess and analyse your requests, before manufacturing and testing ever more efficient cutting tools. With an in-depth knowledge of processes which we validate through a comprehensive control phase, we are committed to the performance of your tools. Thanks to our technical and physical support, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

With our carbide cutting tools, you can easily work on any material: stainless steel, titanium, refractories, aluminium, light alloys and synthetic materials.

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