Standard range

Professional high-precision cutting tools

Diager Industrie develops standard carbide cutting tools for professionals. The high quality and high precision of our ranges make them particularly suitable for all engineering industries.

Our high standards correspond to the precision required in machining operations in automotive, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering as well as in the energy industry.

Our tools are designed and manufactured with a keen understanding of your expectations and industry requirements. With this in mind, we develop solid and reliable technical ranges. As cutting tool specialists and an industry leader in our field, we offer comprehensive solutions.

At Diager Industrie, the tool is also always provided alongside the advice and expertise of our technicians. You benefit from optimal support and aftercare services. Our teams are there for you at all times, providing solutions for all your machining requirements.

Our tools have been designed to offer you the greatest precision in your

We also provide a responsive aftercare service and offer sharpening of your cutting tools thanks to our dedicated structure.

Looking for advice in choosing your standard cutting tools? Contact us today for more information on our ranges. Discover our tailor-made solutions to optimise the efficiency of your operations with our range of specific equipment.