Support and aftercare services: sharpening your professional cutting tools

As part its support and aftercare services, Diager Industrie provides a sharpening service for your professional cutting tools. As designers and manufacturers, we can guarantee your cutting tools will be repaired as good as new.

In order to meet your needs as quickly as possible, the Diager Group has created a dedicated structure. We are therefore able to offer a responsive reconditioning service for your tools, ensuring the equivalent cutting performance of a new tool.

Sharpening is essential to ensure the precision of your drilling, milling and reaming tools over time. The precision of your operations thus depends on the quality of your tools. As specialists in solid cutting tools, we are the natural point of contact for all your machining needs.

Our expert teams come to meet you on-site and always provide you with clear answers and adapted solutions. With our technical aftercare service, you can enjoy peace of mind as well as profitability.

Diager also provides ongoing support to improve your productivity and look after your tools, and is committed to optimising your performance and costs.

For more information about our sharpening solutions, please contact us.


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