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Diager Industrie offers ranges of high-performance cutting tools for all your machining operations in cast iron, steel and aluminium.

For more than 50 years, our expertise and our precision have enabled us to support the most demanding manufacturers on projects of all sizes. In a sector governed by increasingly strict constraints for manufacturers, Diager harnesses group synergies to design high-tech tools capable of meeting your expectations.

Thanks to our research department and our fully-equipped machinery fleet, we are constantly renewing our solutions. Our experts support you and provide you with bespoke, on-site technical aftercare. We are fully committed to your success and stand by your side every step of the way.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of tools and machining processes, we can help you increase your productivity. Our testing platform allows us to continuously develop new and innovative solutions as well as to enhance the performance of our tools.

Our experience in drilling, reaming and milling operations enables us to make guarantees in terms of cutting tool performance and cost per part. We offer you the most comprehensive technical and economic solutions possible.

Discover our high-precision tools, suitable for any automotive part: engine, transmission and suspension system. As a specialist in our field, we support you in all your projects. Our tools are suitable for all machining speeds and all requirements.

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Responsive and always attentive to your needs, we also offer a sharpening service for your cutting tools.

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