Specialists in a single product

Expertly manufactured carbide cutting tools

Diager Industrie devotes all of its resources to solid carbide rotating tools. This is our sole occupation, our true vocation. This specialisation means we can be a market leader in our sector.

Our specialist expertise enables us to design efficient, innovative and resistant tools for your

Serving every type of industry, our commitment and our quality guarantees enable us to provide solutions for the most demanding sectors such as automotive engineering, aeronautical engineering, and the energy industry.

The natural hardness of carbide allows remarkably high cutting speeds. Our tools therefore stand out for the quality and high precision of their work and for perfect finishes, even on the hardest materials.


A dedicated design office to respond to your machining needs

In the interests of innovation and enhancing your performance, we have a research office entirely dedicated to the development of new solutions.

In order to manufacture the best carbide cutting tools, we strive above all to design the best processes. In order to always provide a solution adapted to the realities of your markets, we have created a testing platform. Equipped with 135 machine tools, we are thus able to test the effective quality of our tools in the field. Our tests and simulations thus make it possible to improve and optimise all your machining operations.

Our experts support you with your every requirement by offering innovative, relevant, precise and proven technical solutions. With a keen understanding of our business and your constraints, we are committed to optimising your performance and costs.

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