Your designer and manufacturer specialising in carbide cutting tools

Manufacturer of carbide cutting tools

Specialised manufacturer of carbide cutting tools

Diager Industrie is a specialised French designer and manufacturer of rotary carbide cutting tools. Founded in 1933 and based in Poligny in the Jura region, the company develops specialised or standard solid cutting tools. We meet our customers’ every need and adapt to the most specific and demanding technical constraints.

Used in many industry areas, our tools have been primarily designed for the automotive, aeronautical and mechanical engineering sectors, but also for precision engineering and the energy industry.

As specialists and a major player in our field, we devote all our expertise to the cutting tool. This is our sole occupation. This specialisation has allowed us to develop real solutions and improvements in this sector.


Research & development : the means to go the extra mile

Diager Industrie equips itself with the means to ensure quality and performance. Our company therefore invests heavily in research, development and innovation. As a manufacturer of carbide cutting tools, we also want to provide you with processes that meet your needs. In this way, we are able to develop comprehensive solutions. It makes no sense to design a tool without first thinking about how it will work in practice.

This is why we have not only a dedicated research team committed to optimising your strategy and your industrial logistics, but also testing platforms in line with our customers’ resources. This enables us to make guarantees both in terms of performance and costs. Our fleet of 135 machine tools, 45 of which are numerically controlled, allows us to have total control over our processes and tools, to make them ever more efficient.


Listening to your needs and offering support: our experts are committed to your success

Diager Industrie harnesses group synergies to design high-quality cutting tools for industry players.

A manufacturer but above all a designer, we listen to what you need. We make cutting tools adapted to your specifications. Our experts get involved in your projects, coming directly to you to assess your needs on site and offer you the best solutions.

By choosing Diager Industrie for your projects, you benefit from a comprehensive service as well as on-going technical support. We also take care of all your sharpening needs for your cutting tools.

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Fabricant d'outils coupants carbure