Technical and physical support

The right tool that functions in the right way: optimise your machining operations

Diager Industrie manufactures and designs carbide cutting tools. But as well as the equipment, we think about the entire machining operation for you.

Our experts come directly to you, to assess and analyse your needs on site. This on-site diagnosis is the best way to understand your specific requirements and to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Trust our integrated design office to come up with the perfect solution for you and increase your efficiency. As well as responding to your specifications with astonishing precision, our teams can also offer you innovative solutions to help you achieve greater performance.

For each of our tools, we are able to guarantee performance, quality, and optimal use. We are also committed to controlling costs, which we are able to accurately anticipate. Moreover, we offer a thorough aftercare service. You can count on our technicians at any time for ongoing technical support. To ensure the success of your projects, we research the best tool matched with the best process for you.

A major player in the cutting tool sector, we are first and foremost a solutions provider. Our in-depth knowledge of our business and our expertise, combined with our dedication to listening carefully to your needs, allow us to effectively respond to all your requirements.

Ongoing support: the Diager Industrie service

Even after your equipment has been designed, installed and started up, we are always there for you. We remain at your disposal for technical aftercare. For example, we offer a sharpening service for all your cutting tools, ensuring the equivalent cutting performance of a new tool.

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